Filing Services


We Believe in Approvals, Not Application Numbers.


YES!!! We do placements but

we don't stop there!

How can we work together?

Here at SunCoast Senior Solutions YES we are a placement agency! And we love what we do. But with over 32 years of combined FLORIDA Medicaid experience.

What do we DO with all of that experience?
We want to put our experience to work easing the workload on some agencies and filing Medicaid for our communities and residents.

Our 32 years of combined experience is from all facets of Medicaid, from MMA, LTC (Waiver) and LTC (ICP). We believe in providing your patients with a successful outcome. We focus ONLY on Florida Medicaid cases. This allows us to be up to date and current with any DCF changes. We deal with the most challenging cases and are determined to get the best out come.

How are we different?
We handle every case diligently and will be dedicated in obtaining approvals for your patients that qualify. We have worked with the most delicate and the most challenging of cases. Even with our most challenging cases we are determined to get the best out come. We will work together with trusted resources to help the application process if needed. Help patient, family or POA with supporting documents.

How does our filing services help?
We manage the filing process from initial contact to approval. Thus allowing your team to focus on other much needed tasks and keeping your community running smoothly. Our Medicaid Filing Specialist will keep you and the appropriate team up to date every step of the process. There are different options that you can choose to keep your team updated and can be selected during initial set up. SCSS works closely with community partners to help with any hiccups that may while in process with the application.

How does it work?
Every communities works differently, so let's chat. Schedule a call with our Medicaid Filing Specialist and we can see how we can fit your process or better yet, work simpler together.

Medicaid Consulting

PLEASE NOTE: Medicaid eligibility in Florida is determined either by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) or the Social Security Administration (for SSI recipients).

SCSS is not a law firm but works closely with Elder Law Attorneys if one is needed.

SCSS in not affiliated with Medicaid or any State or Federal Programs.